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Primer planteamiento


Árboles Nativos-BOGOTÁ

" Ficus: Pertenece al grupo de los cauchos, y es nativo."

Dodonea o Hayuelo: Es un arbusto, de manera que no crece mayormente, y es nativo.

Sauco: Es nativo, y se reconoce por que tien unas pequeñas flores blancas.

Aveto: Es nativo

Sangregado: Pertenece al grupo de los croton, y es nativo.

Hibiscus: Es nativo de los países de América Central, no es de gran tamaño, tiene una flor roja, y se adapta bien a los suelos bogotanos.
Información e imágenes tomadas del Blog "Mutaciones Urbanaas" de María Sol Echeverri

Arthur Wiechula (1868 - 1941)

Arthur Wiechula
History of arborsculpture
according to wiechula, it's a rather roundabout process to grow trees till they're a certain height then cut them down to saw into beams and planks and put them skilfully together again to make houses.'if it were possible to grow wood in such a waythat it already constituted walls during growth, walls which could be cultivated to make buildings, we would save on this lengthy process and would be able to use very young wood for construction.'
wiechula starts from very simple building techniques: he exploits the capacity of branches and trunks to begrafted and fused with one another during growth,and also uses systems of lateral cuts allowing even trunks and large branches to be bent in the desired direction. the resultant 'wounds' close up in a short time.

"...grow wood in such a waythat it already constituted walls ..."

'living trees grow into homes'1923-28 paul zimmermann, berlin

bridge over a gorge
living elements joint

iving elements curving technique

Mitchell Joachim


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"prefabricated pleached structures"

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